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It’s all about creating a good first impression. This is especially true for businesses like retail shops, stores, restaurants, pubs, or where competition is everywhere and can be just around the same street or block. You need to catch potential customers’ attention at just a glance. With our landscaping service, it is no more difficult. There’s nothing more important than creating a welcoming entrance to an establishment. It is the first thing clients or customers will see. As today’s businesses are getting more and more competitive, investing in improving their space landscape, offering an interior that integrates nature is inevitable

Interior Leaf Business Landscaping

Welcoming Entrance

Setting up up the entrance with plants & designer planters is a perfect invitation to the people passing by.

More customers

The use of foliage attracts more customers, people would love to spend more time midst of greenery thereby increasing business 

Aesthetically trendy

Things like plant separators, vertical gardens, etc. not just add value to your place, the whole setup makes it a trendy one.

Positive Marketing

Plants at the business meeting place bring in positive vibes throughout the whole discussions and add positive marketing implications.

To have a clear picture of how we can decorate your business spaces with plants, we have categorized them into areas, choose an area for design inspirations. Click on your business & select your space area from the dropdown for design inspirations.

"By putting beautiful plant designs to help make an impression on customers, they will definitely feel like they’re being greeted with a warm welcome even before they step inside any Cafe, Restaurant."

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The prime trick of the trade-in making your hotel or resort more inviting is investing your bucks in potted plants. Believe it or not, common plants are actually having a strong comeback in fashioning interiors, especially in the hospitality industry.

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The addition of lush greenery makes shopping centers more appealing to potential customers. Plants portray a certain level of quality of your business that leads customers to want to spend more money.

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In addition to the beauty that plants bring to a shopping environment, studies have also been shown that retail spaces featuring plant life have greater sales than retail spaces devoid of foliage.

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