Interior Leaf plant maintenence models

Plants Maintenance

Keeping plants looking their best requires deft skill and proven experience. Our Customer Service Specialists are office plant service experts who have been trained to properly water, prune, feed, clean, and dust your plants. They will take full ownership of the livelihood of your plants. Rest assured that your plants will look healthy, vibrant, and beautiful- all day, every day. We pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure that our customers can enjoy the many benefits office plants provide. Our commitment to our customers is best exemplified through the professional manner, high skill-level, and passion of our customer service specialists. Here at Interior Leaf, there is no question or issue that we aren’t committed to resolving. Our Maintenance service include below mentioned specific activities apart from general care.

Interior Leaf plant maintenence models


The key to pruning houseplants is to do so before they become too leggy or unbalanced. Once some plants get rangy, it’s hard, but not impossible, to get them back into shape again. While you don't have to worry about regularly pruning indoor plants like you would many outdoor plants, at some point, you'll have to get out your shears for some clean-up. Maybe you need to cut away dead leaves or branches to keep the plant presentable. Or perhaps you'd like to encourage a more balanced growth pattern. 

Soil Aeration

Potted plants need well-aerated soil to deliver oxygen to the roots, but they can’t rely on nature’s aerators, like worms and other underground burrowers, to create air tunnels for them. Plant roots naturally cause the soil to become more compacted as they repeatedly absorb water. You must balance this by loosening the soil gently with a chopstick or other tool. Aeration allows oxygen to more easily flow through the entire root ball and allows water to more evenly moisten the soil.

Interior Leaf plant maintenence models
Interior Leaf plant maintenence models

Pest Control

The best way to control insects and related pests on houseplants are through prevention, as it is almost always easier to prevent a pest infestation than to eliminate one. There are several precautions that you can take which will decrease the chances of having to deal with a pest infestation of your houseplants. It can be frustrating to find bugs on a beloved houseplant. It will take several treatments to eliminate any houseplant pest infestation, so persistence is key. 


Too many people overlook the importance of fertilizing indoor plants. However, proper feedings are essential to growing healthy, beautiful plants. Unlike the outdoor garden, the nutrients available to a houseplant are strictly limited by the amount of soil in the pot and whatever else you give it as a supplement. Fertilizers come in several different varieties: liquids, sticks, tablets, granular, and slow-release forms.

Interior Leaf plant maintenence models
Interior Leaf plant maintenence models


Repotting is an important part of keeping healthy houseplants. However introducing new pots, new pot soil, and disturbing the root system may cause the plant to react by dropping or wilting leaves, brown tips, etc. Most of the plants used indoors will be able to grow for a long period of time in the containers they are purchased in. Roots are growing through the drainage hole at the bottom of the planter/roots are pushing the plant up/plant dries out more quickly than usual are signs to say plant require repotting.

Weed Control

Weeds don't just show up outdoors. The bothersome pests can also grow inside the soil of potted household plants. Some weeds can actually grow on the stems and petals of indoor plants. Once indoor weeds grow, they can quickly take over your lovely plants. We can try to control the weeds in your houseplants by physically removing them. However, some seeds and spores of weeds can be difficult to control or contain by hand. In this case, We need to take drastic action to free your houseplants of weeds. 

Interior Leaf plant maintenence models
Interior Leaf plant maintenence models


Maintenance subscription plans for indoor plants at your home, small bussiness premises.



Rs. 699/Visit

One time visit


Rs. 2,199/Mo.

1 Month subscription


Rs. 6,999/ 3 Mo.

3 Months subscription


Rs. 12,299/ 6 Mo.

6 Months subscription


Corporate, Outdoor landscape & lawn maintenance

Regular plant maintenance & replacements will keep your landscape greenery attractive to visitors everyday, also minimizes rework costs to the landscape. We also maintain indoor plants of any corporate, on a site visit we will submit quote as per your requirement and negotiations.

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