Interior Leaf Corporate Interiorscaping Ideas

Corporate Workspaces

Enhance your business environment with natural beauty by adding office plants to your workplace design. Plants can offer your company benefits far beyond simple aesthetics. People embrace spaces decorated with abundant greenery. Plants are attractive to look at and the right office plant design can create an environment, lobby, meeting room, or office space people enjoy being in and that they will talk about once they leave. Creating a healthier and appealing office space is as simple as bringing in the right greenery.

Interior Leaf Corporate Interiorscaping Ideas

Productivity Booster

A UK study found bringing plants into the workplace increased productivity by 15%. Meanwhile, a US study found 10% of employee sick days could be explained by a lack of nature and natural light in the office.

We at Interior Leaf understands clients needs and focuses on end to end solutions for plantation at your office. Our people continuously research on value-added services like documentation and technology in maintaining plants at your place. We provide hassle-free service from plant selection, installation, and maintenance. Not just plants and planters, our ideas on custom designer fabrications will change the entire appearance of your workplace.

To have a clear picture of how a workplace can be decorated with plants, we have categorized the workspaces into areas, choose an area for design inspirations. 

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