Interior Leaf Grass Lawn Ideas

Grass Lawns

We source & supply several types of natural and artificial grass to suit your garden requirements, there is a wide variety of grasses available with us,  good quality lawn grass like Korean, Bermuda, Mexican, Shade grass, Fescue grass and different types of artificial grass for interior floors, exterior floors, walls, balconies, etc.

Interior Leaf Grass Lawn Ideas

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass makes for a nice home lawn because it can tolerate a very low mowing height, which is also a reason it is widely used on golf courses. It spreads by both stolons (above ground) and rhizomes (below ground), which helps it to form a thick, dense turf. Its maintenance requirements (fertilizing, watering, mowing) are high.

Fine Fescue Grass

The name "fine fescue" is actually a collective term for the various species of grasses in this group: red, chewings, hard, and sheep. As the name implies, they are very fine textured with needle-like blades. Fine fescues are popular because of their shade tolerance. However, they do not tolerate heat and dry conditions.

Interior Leaf Grass Lawn Ideas
Interior Leaf Grass Lawn Ideas

Centipede Grass

Centipede grass has light green, notched leaves. It grows using stolons, so it spreads horizontally across the soil, creating dense turf. As with Bermuda grass, centipede grass grows low to the ground and requires less frequent mowings. However, it’s not very well suited for extremely dry regions, unless it’s watered often and consistently. Centipede grass requires less fertilizer than most warm-season grasses, and it can withstand acidic soil.

Korean Grass

Korean lawn grass (Zoysia japonica), also known as Japanese lawngrass and typically grouped with other Zoysia species as zoysiagrass, is a warm season, sod-forming perennial grass used for lawns. Zoysiagrass has a low-growing, dense and dark green appearance, as well as low water and mowing requirements. A variety of zoysiagrass cultivars offer differing strengths, but all benefit from adequate site preparation and care practices.

Interior Leaf Grass Lawn Ideas

Artificial Grass

We do not promote artificial grass use in lawns, balconies, or livable premises but in many environmental conditions we don’t leave with options to have real grass, real grass is a little difficult to maintain as well as needs bright or sunlight to grow and remain green for years. By the time there are improvements in the quality of artificial grass available in the market.



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