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Educational Institutions

Plants add freshness and vibrancy to any dull windows! This aesthetic appeal helps students and teachers alike feel happier in the classroom. Introducing plants can turn an otherwise stuffy classroom into a thriving environment that your students will be drawn to. Studies have also shown that classrooms that contain plants can contribute to the psychological wellbeing and development of students.

Medical Institutions

Plants naturally filter the air of harmful chemicals and other toxins. Plants in hospitals can also combat SBS (sick building syndrome), boost humidity levels which decrease cough-inducing dry air. Rooms filled with plants were shown to have 50%-60% fewer bacteria in the air than in rooms without plants. Indoor plants also offer healthcare workers a soothing and beautiful environment.

To have a clear picture of how we can decorate your spaces with plants, we have categorized them into areas, choose an area for design inspirations. Click on your type & select your space area from the dropdown for design inspirations.

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