Maintenance service FAQs

1.    When will my subscription plan starts if I take the plan today?
Plant Maintenance plan starts from the 3rd day after purchasing the plan, if you want to defer the start date of service you can call us and change the date accordingly.

2.    What is the Gap between each visit?
For the basic plan, the gap is 10 days between each visit, for popular and premium plan the gap is 7 days between each visit.

3.    Can I cancel the plan once I purchase it?
You can cancel the plan before the commencement of the first visit, once the first visit is done you cannot cancel the plan.

4.    How to cancel my plan before the first visit?
Please call us at the numbers provided, we will help you to cancel the plan and initiate the refund process.

5.    Are there extra charges for additional material (if required)?
For the maintenance of plants, there will be no additional charges. However, if you want extra soil, pots, etc. it will be charged extra. Once you subscribe to our plan you will be provided with 1 /2 bags (25 kg each) of cocopeat and compost-based on the type of plan chosen. Extra bags if required will be charged at 200 per bag. Under the "Pay as you Go" model, cocopeat or compost are charged extra based on the requirement.

6.    How online support works in popular and premium plans?
You can WhatsApp us regarding any specific care instructions or any issues that you are facing with plants and we shall respond to you as soon as possible. You can also call us for any further plant care details.

7.    What is the plant database option in popular and premium plans?
We will maintain track of all your plants, care that has been taken to each plant during every visit and that will be provided to you monthly. That database acts as dairy for your plans which will have all the details of the plants and the care that has been taken. This can be used as a reference guide by you in the future.

8.    What if I am not in town after taking the plan?
In this kind of special situation when there is no one at home and the house is locked, it is preferred to keep your plants in the balcony or in a shady area outside the home so that our personnel can come to take care of them. However, if you think that is not possible then we will freeze our visits for that time and resume our services once you are back. No extra charges will be levied. We are not responsible for the security of the plants, the social security or CC cameras shall monitor.

9.    What if my plant dies during maintenance?
We care utmost care in maintaining the plants and make sure they live long. However due to unavoidable conditions if any plant dies even after proper care then we are under no liability to replace the plant free of cost.

10.   How many plants will be covered in the maintenance plans?

Generally, a good amount of 20 to 25 indoor plants will be covered in the plans mentioned. If we think the volume is more than that or the maintenance needs are more than usual, we will be giving a revised quote accordingly after a visit.