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Interior Leaf plant gifting ideas

Corporate Gifting

"A gift is a beautiful way to appreciate the efforts of employees. The plant is always an amazing gift as they are gender-neutral, meaningful, and simple". Also, who doesn't love a bit of greenery in their lives?. Here is why plants are a perfect gift to your employees.

Occasional Gifting

"Finding the perfect gift for a wedding or any other occasion is no simple task. You want something they love and something that is meaningful and will last. Why not give them the unique gift of a potted plant? " 

Interior Leaf plant gifting ideas

They're gender neutral

One of the most common gifts at the workplace is a bouquet of flowers, but flowers unfortunately aren’t great for all audiences (plus they don’t last!). Potted plants, on the other hand, are always a welcome gift, no matter who the recipient is.

They're meaningful

Plants are living things that grow, change, and mature over time, just like us humans, making them a wonderful and symbolic gift for employees.

They make us more productive

Plants are also practical employee gifts as they have proven benefits to our mental health and productivity. They also spark our sense of creativity and help us focus!

Brings us more joy

We, humans, are intrinsically drawn to nature, and it’s no wonder that studies have proven time and again how much happier we are when surrounded by it. Give a gift that will bring joy to your employees.

Your Logo on Box

Interior Leaf plant gifting ideas

We can customize the cardboard packing design with your company logo & your message to your employees. 

Wrap Around

Interior Leaf plant gifting ideas

A gift always looks better when it is wrapped and tied like this with a unique message on each gift. It looks so simple yet beautiful. The pricing in this section starts from Rs. 249/-

Logo on Pot

Interior Leaf plant gifting ideas

To counter the difficulty of regular watering at the office, you can gift a plant with a self-watering pot with an option to have your logo on the same. The pricing in this section starts from Rs. 349/-

Unique Table Tops

Interior Leaf plant gifting ideas

These kinds of unique desk plants take less space and make the space look quite different and beautiful. They also best suits the office place as they need low maintenance.


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