How plant decor plays a major role in improving your business

Updated: May 31, 2020

It’s all about creating a good first impression. This is especially true for businesses like retail shops, stores, restaurants, pubs, or where competition is everywhere and can be just around the same street or block. You need to catch potential customers’ attention at just a glance. With our landscaping service it is no more difficult.

Create a beautiful way to enter:

There’s nothing more important than creating a welcoming entrance to an establishment. It is the first thing clients or customers will see.

By putting beautiful plant designs to help make an impression on customers, they will definitely feel like they’re being greeted with a warm welcome even before they step inside the place.

Bring life to boring windows:

Create more charm by adding color or life to your store windows. Besides building an attractive facade for your business, it also makes up for a good background for your potential customers’ photos. 

Not only would you make your business look aesthetically pleasing, but you would also potentially inspire customers to take photos of your place and then post them on the Internet. This way, you get to make more traffic online which greatly helps bring more customers in.

Green from top:

Hanging planters are creative ways to design your business’ facade with foliage. Letting lush greens hang around a doorway or window creates a sophisticated appearance.

These design ideas don’t only work with restaurants. Cafes and even retail stores can hang planters by their store’s entrance to add more charm to their business or make it more inviting.

Here are some research-based facts:

The following two extracts from papers written by a British shopping center manager and American researcher  highlight the importance of plants in retail environments:

Through the medium of plants the shopping center successfully translates outside to inside, relaxes almost everybody, all ages and types of people relate to the atmosphere. The result for the public is a perfect environment for the purposes of shopping and leisure.” (Ref: “Am I Running a Greenhouse or a Shopping Centre?”, J Bryson, Centre Manager, Metrocentre, Gateshead, England at the BALI seminar, London, 1992).

“Interior plants and landscape may create store interiors more favorable for retail activity. Retailers have long understood the importance of store environment in enhancing the shopping experience. The outdoor landscape can be a seamless extension of shop interiors, providing indoor/outdoor continuity for a positive shopping experience. Urban forestry can play an important role in business districts. Interior plants and landscape may create store interiors more favorable for retail activity.” (Ref: “Retail and Urban Nature: Creating a Consumer Habitat”, K.L.Wolf, at the People/Plant Symposium, Amsterdam, 2002).

It’s all about creating a good first impression.

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