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Updated: May 31, 2020

Taking care of plants is not only science but art too. You need to consider multiple variables, such as soil, lighting, and watering, and their surroundings. We are here to help you:

Interior Leaf is the expert in plant care and will ensure the plants at your property receive the attention they need. 

We are coming up with affordable plant care subscription models wherein our plant care experts visit your space at frequent intervals and take care of each plant at your space with proper attention and analysis. 

We are also introducing our very own app (Android and IOS) which serves as a one-stop destination to all indoor plant care information. Contact us to learn more about how we can design beautiful arrangements that enhance the environment of your space.

Here we mention top basic plant care tips that help you to get them on the right track.

1. When you are on Vacation Your plants need water, light, and warmth to survive. So when you're off on vacation, don't forget about them. Make sure that someone else knows to keep the blinds open and make use of the self-watering method to tackle this kind of situation.

2. Plants accustom slowly to different surroundings by changing their leaf orientation and structure. If you can, try not to move them around, as they may not adapt as easily as you think.

3. One of the most common causes of plant death is over-watering. If in doubt, leave it to Interior Leaf. We will guide you.

4. Pruning is a regular task to do for your plants because once they've lost the foliage on their lower branches, it's very difficult to get it to return. Our plant care team will look after it.

5. Most important of all, love your plants. Plants are a responsibility, even if they are low maintenance. Water and light are pretty easy to get, but some plants also require "food" which may just mean nutritious soil or it literally has a food product designed to keep it happy. Plants also like different soil, succulents, and cacti like a sandy, well-draining soil where other plants like soil where their roots can stay damp.

Plants are unique and individualistic living beings just like we are! You can do a lot of fun things with them and they bring us joy, but we have to remember to care for them!

Keep checking on us for our upcoming subscription models.

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