Interior Leaf Vertical Garden Ideas

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are the best solutions for limited space garden lovers, privacy, also it has its importance in corporate workspaces as plants have proven benefits amongst employees. Although vertical gardens are a recent trend, the creative side of the modular vertical gardens concept is on the rise now. Not just the traditional vertical gardens with panels which we see under flyovers nowadays. We also design and execute modular customized stack vertical gardens. Check more info below. 

Interior Leaf Vertical Garden Ideas

Plastic pots with panels or mesh

Most common, affordable, and durable method for creating vertical gardens. The quality of the pots can be varied based on customers' interests. Can be used both indoors & outdoors. Scaleable to any design requirement. Easy to install & maintain. Made of polypropylene

Artificial vertical gardens

Built using synthetic leaves panels. Looks natural, zero maintenance, aesthetic looks, easy installation. Scaleable to any design requirement. Available in all colors. Ready-made, no watering or weeds. Stays green & luscious for many years.

Interior Leaf Vertical Garden Ideas

Designer vertical panels decor

We can design and execute panels for wall decor as per your color interests. We use artificial plants for the panels as they are easy to install, zero maintenance, and stays as-is for years. Artificial plants are available in varied sizes, shapes, and colors, a design will be presented before you for execution.

Modular stack gardens

We can design and execute beautiful and creative stack gardens. A new trend in most of the corporate workspaces. Self-watering pots are used to avoid dirt leak. Best suitable Indoor plants with low maintenance are selected as per site conditions

Interior Leaf Vertical Garden Ideas

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